Academic Contributions by Dr Irmina Nahon

Published Articles

“Continence promotion in a Falls and Balance Clinic.”

35th ICS meeting.

“Systematic review of the treatment of post-prostatectomy incontinence.”

Urologic Nursing 26(6): 461-82.

“How wet is too wet?”

Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal 12(4): 100.

“Improving Continence Identification and referral in Older Adults at risk of falling.”

37th ICS conference. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

“Idiopathic slow transit constipation is rare.”

Urologic Nursing 26(6): 461-82.

“A reference tool for continence physiotherapists.”

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“Perceptions of Embarrassment for Men with and without Urinary Incontinence.”

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“Perceived bladder management in older men: a normative assessment.” (Link not available.)

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“Assessment and Conservative Management of Post-prostatectomy Incontinence after Radical Prostatectomy.”

Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal, The 15(3): 70-77.

"Protocol for RTUS in Men to measure pelvic floor activity." (Link not available.)

19th CFA Conference, Alice Springs NT.

"Clinical aspects of RTUS use in the assessment of male pelvic floor muscle function."

41st ICS meeting, Glasgow, Scotland.

“Assessing muscle function of the male pelvic floor using real time ultrasound.”

Neurourology and Urodynamics 30(7): 1329-1332.

“The History of Urologic Surgery: From Reeds to Robotics.”

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“The history of male urinary continence management”. (Link not available.)

The Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal.

“Juniper berries, prayer, and pelvic floor exercises: managing male incontinence across the ages.”

Australian & New Zealand Continence Journal 17(3): 87 – 91.


“Male Urinary Incontinence”

Guest speaker at The NVFB Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fysiotherapie bij Bekkenproblematiek (The Dutch Association of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists) annual conference.

“How Wet is Too Wet?”

Physiotherapist Roundtable. 37th ICS conference. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

“Male anatomy and implications for treatment.”

Invited speaker at Excellence Down Under conference. Melbourne, Australia.

“Management of Post Prostatectomy Incontinence.”

Invited speaker at 17th CFA conference. Hobart, Australia.

“Physiotherapy Management of Post Prostatectomy Incontinence.”

Invited speaker 2009 APA Conference Week, Sydney Australia.

“Protocol for RTUS in men to measure pelvic floor activity.”

Australian Physiotherapy Association Symposium ACT. Canberra, ACT.

“Management of Post Prostatectomy Incontinence.”

Workshop speaker at 19th CFA conference.

“Male Pelvic floor anatomy”, “Managing PPI”, and “Sequelae of prostate cancer treatments” and participation on the panel on “Multidisciplinary Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer."

12th Australasian Prostate Cancer Conference.

“Using RTUS to assess post prostatectomy male pelvic floors.”

Physiotherapist Roundtable. 41st ICS meeting, Glasgow, Scotland